About Hyperweb

Our Philosophy

We are a group of website experts that combine real people with great technology. The fact is, software, apps and security technologies are only as good as the people that use it. We are real live people that answer phones and have names and families, not automated machines and processes to avoid direct communication. As the world gets more and more impersonal, the human relationships that happen in business are more vital than ever.

We like to think that the reason so many of our customers come through referrals is because we like real phone calls and real handshakes. Don’t get us wrong, we like all the latest gadgets and apps that make life easier too, but that needs to be balanced out with human contact and a quick phone call to make sure our customers get what they need. Yes, you can browse around on the internet and find a website that promises to make you a website for a small fee. But do they care about your business or just getting you business. Big difference.

Why a Gecko mascot?

Geckos belong to the lizard family. What makes them unique is how they communicate. They are social animals that use chirping sounds to communicate with other geckos. Their amazing feet can stick to almost anything, allowing them to literally walk across the ceiling without falling. They can adapt to any situation by changing their colour to blend into their environment.

Although we bend over backwards to help build great websites, we can’t actually walk across the ceiling here at hyperweb (Yet). But we are very adaptable and able to quickly understand the different kinds of businesses our clients have. Our flexibility combined with over 20 years of experience in the industry allow us to custom build each of the sites we work hard and never stop.

Here to Help.

Hyperweb is proud to help out our local community. We have a long-standing offer to reduce our costs by 20% for any charitable organization that needs our services. It is our way of giving back to people that need a little helping hand. And it allows us to use our talents to help the people around us. That makes us feel good at the same time as it helps improve the communities we live in. Here are some of the organizations we support…